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Here at Jackie Yates Hair Restoration Source we are dedicated to restoring your hair and confidence. Our team of experts have worked in high- technology environments for years developing the CRL system, an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically-tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair – seamlessly.

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What Is The CRL Method?

Jackie Yates Hair Restoration Source offers The CRL system which is the most efficient method for resolving full or partial hair loss. Clinically tested, practical, non-surgical and natural-looking. Natural human hairs are injected onto a thin, light, breathable base – the “second scalp”– which is made of special polymer resin to match the precise distribution, inclination, and direction of your own natural hair growth.

The method produces perfect hair thickness and color, both of which are determined by closely studying your individual characteristics. This method can only be achieved by hand through meticulous work by skilled professionals who use only the highest quality European hair and materials. The hair used in the CRL system is anchored to your scalp using a special medical adhesive, dermatologically tested at the Cosmetology Centre at the University of Ferrara.

Our Vision

Our Mission is to restore beauty inside and out so that a person can live their life looking themselves with total confidence. This Mission has taken me around the world and has built incredible relationships with some of the best experts and professionals in the Total Approach to Restoring Beauty Inside and Out.

At Jackie Yates Restoration Center, our specialty is providing solutions for restoring the beauty that feels diminished when experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. We continue to offer our standard salon services and styling and beautification.


“The beauty of having Jackie on your team is to be able to put yourself back and put yourself into a place where you feel beautiful on the outside and your health improves on the inside.”

Debbie Helms

Tidbits of Knowledge

Trichologists on a Mission

As I study continually the world of Trichology it fascinates me there are so many causes for our hair loss or thinning hair. The largest appendage of the body is our skin and scalp. There are over 2000 types of disorders of the scalp and hair. That...

There are Times When We Must Split Hairs

“I had a consultation with a client this week that mentioned my wall display of a cross-section of our scalp. His inquiry sent me off in a rather lengthy description and definition of all the layers of our scalp, glands, and blood vessels that nourish our...

Prevention Goes Beyond JUST the Skin and Body

Often overlooked is the health of our hair and scalp, until something is wrong and symptoms like flaking, itch, excessive hair shedding or hair loss show up. Eating healthy, exercising and decreasing stress are all steps many of us take to live a longer,...

Hair Growth Truths

While understanding those ideas are widespread myths is important, it is also essential for you to know the basic truths about hair growth. Truth #1: Your Hair Ages Much like your hairstyle, hair fibers along your scalp change a lot over the course of your...

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We specialize in Hair Extensions and Hair Restoration for men and women. As a certified Cesare Ragazzi salon, we offer the latest technology for those suffering from hair loss or thinning hair in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.


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