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Frequently Asked

Is the CRL system a wig?

No. Unlike a wig, the CRL system is molded to precisely mirror your scalp, hairline and original direction of growth. Once in place, a client can return to a fully active life including swimming, wearing a helmet and high impact sports, as well as full styling treatments.

Is the CRL system a transplant?

No, the method is non-invasive and non-surgical. There is no risk of incompatibility or rejection.

How long does the CRL system last?

In theory, as all goods subject to wear and tear, it could last forever, but in practice, hair is subject to breaking because of traction and/or tearing, therefore duration is subjective and it also depends on the care and servicing. In any case, it can be replenished at all times

Can I change the color or cut?

Absolutely. The CRL system is practical and very functional: you can change your hairstyle and use styling products such as gel, hairspray, mousse.

How can I care for my CRL system?

Periodically, based on your characteristics, you must go to a Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Center for proper maintenance, which includes cleaning of the prosthesis and hairstyling to improve your look. Otherwise, it is also possible to carry out this simple operation in your own home, by following a dedicated guide that explains each step of the operation.


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