Full and shiny hair is associated with beauty appeal and success. Thus, hair improvement is subject to long-lasting myths. Whether you believe in these myths or not, they might affect your purchase.

Myth #1: A Hair Vitamin Will Help You Grow New Hair

You get bald patches when your hair falls off and the hair follicles stop working. Depending on the reason—whether due to your genetics, some disease or stress—it could be extremely difficult to treat naturally. Adding the right vitamins and nutrients to your diet could help, but most of the time, the only way to regrow new hair is through chemical treatments or hair transplantation.

Myth #2: Biotin Alone WIll Give You Fuller Hair

Yes, biotin is full of benefits for strengthening your hair. Yet, it is not enough to take biotin alone. It works in synergy with several vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth. The recommended daily intake of biotin is 250 mcg. But, because your body doesn’t store it, and because you need a boost to help your hair get fuller, you should aim to 500 mcg per day.

Myth #3: If You Pluck One Gray Hair, Two Will Grow In It’s Place

No matter what you do, your hair will eventually lose its color. Plucking or no plucking. It’s simply biology. But, if you pluck it too much, it might stop growing back. Exactly like on your underarm area if you wax. Your hair gets weaker the more often you pluck it, thinner, then just disappears.

Myth #4: Regular Trimming Encourages Hair Growth

Hair grows starts in your scalp—in the follicles—, not at the tip. Thus, trimming your hair regularly won’t impact how fast or thick it’ll grow. But, by getting rid of split ends, your hair will look healthier and more beautiful. A nice hair cut could also create more volume.

Myth #5: The Right Hair Products Will Make Your Hair Thicker

Hair products like conditioner, balms, etc, could make your hair look more beautiful instantly, giving it a shine and some volume. But they won’t change your hair texture. The best way for you to improve your hair nature is through your vitamins and nutrients intake. Thus, your foods and supplements will make a difference.


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