A New Chapter

At The Beginning:

My wife Tena was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2010 and underwent a double mastectomy followed by five rounds of chemotherapy. She stayed strong through the horrific ordeal but once the chemo began to cause her hair loss, I walked the emotional journey of watching Tena lose her identity as well. I had done hundreds of ladies wigs and hair systems battling cancer. I helped them find the courage to shave their head, take the upper hand of cancer’s torture. In the loss of their femininity, identity, and self-esteem I worked strategically to bring back a little of themselves through my talents. Giving them new hair until theirs grew back. I say this in jest now, “But at that moment of shaving Tena’s head, I would have rather been caught in a lie than to have to shave my wife Tena’s head. I cannot describe the agony of taking her hair off and then trying to make her feel confident wearing a wig. One night as Tena stood in the bathroom, she opened her robe and in tears asked me, “What am I, I feel like an alien?” It hit me like a ton of bricks that Tena in her mind had disappeared with the loss of her hair. My daughter Rachel has had many medical trials in her short life of 22 years. At the age of seven she had heart stent put into her heart, at 12 she became a Chiari patient and had brain surgery, and at 14 had an ovary removed and fallopian tube. She has battled so much medically and little to my knowledge at the same time enduring bullying at school and abusive relationships as she became a teenager her hair began to thin at 14. One day Rachel said to me, “Dad please don’t let me lose my hair.” With these two major incidences that transpired in my life I knew I was being directed toward my next chapter in my professional life. I knew I was to become the best expert in solutions for thinning hair and hair loss. In November 2016 I graduated Jeffrey Paul’s Academy & Hair Loss University. I completed the accreditation from Cesare Ragazzi and CR Labs to hold two degrees of helping people with their hair loss or thinning hair challenges. Whether medically, physiologically or psychologically triggered it is overwhelming to see the smile on a person’s face once you have restored their identity, their femininity or masculinity, their image and self-esteem. I feel as if I’ve been given a new chapter in my life to share with others the knowledge and solutions I have obtained through my accreditation and hair loss certification and giving to my community.

So now I am looking into the future and all the blessings I have the abilities to give to anyone challenged from thinning hair or air loss.