Most people come to a fork in the road when it becomes apparent their hair is thinning or seeing more hair loss than normal. Each person faces a decision to continue to try all types of products with claims of saving their hair from the imminent battle they are facing with thinning hair. And as an expert in Trichology and Solutions for those with thinning hair and hair loss, I use this as my first defense at the client’s ever-growing challenge. The CR Labs products are the best and world renown for their restorative qualities and improvement of scalp health and hair restoration. But frankly, I cannot battle God’s blueprint plan in our genetic make-up, I can slow it down and give the most healthy scalp and hair that you can possibly obtain. I have multiple testimonies from clients who have seen improvement with the use of the CR Labs products. So Trichology along with different cutting and styling techniques, are my first solution in helping a person with their challenge. Along with solutions of camouflage cream and powders, they also can serve as a solution.

But that day may come when you have to choose, “Do I wear hair additions or stay the course and watch my issue become more predominant?” My generation looked at wearing hair as some sort of curse or stigma that wasn’t acceptable to social and public opinion. We were like, “Oh crap, I’m losing my hair!” These recent fears have disappeared and the now generation look at wearing hair additions as “Hey guys, yes I am wearing hair.” Almost to say, “Yes, I drive a Porsche or Yes I’m carrying a Michael Kors purse.” They have become accessories that create a new us and a new in us that radiates confidence, success, and most importantly a spiritual wholeness that bestows a glow and high self-esteem that flows through to others. Even in scripture, it states: “The body is the temple of the Lord.” So we should take care of our bodies and in my professional opinion take care of our physical look and our presentation to our world. On a funny note, “That doesn’t mean to become a person who goes crazy with plastic surgery and the like. Far too many celebrities have been bitten by that idol bug. My belief is we are supposed to know we are beautiful from the inside out and take care of the out. So I ask, ”If you are facing the challenge of thinning hair or hair loss, why do you feel it is impossible to give yourself a gift of beauty and the possibility of wearing hair additions to solve your challenge.” Newest technologies have some of the thinnest 3-D Imprint Integration Hair Systems available. You can actually run your hand down your head and not feel where your head begins and the system begins and ends. There are endless possibilities in hair additions from extensions, Hair Toppers that clip to the top of your head for daily wear. Medical grade Cranial Prosthesis that cover complete coverage in Duplication that is worn continuously for extended wear that will allow you a return to normalcy in your lifestyle including skiing, swimming, and all physical activities that you felt you couldn’t do due to your thinning hair. We want desperately to hang on to our own hair and we begin with that in mind, but sitting on the fence when it becomes reality can cause an abrupt halt in your life and we have that choice, “To stay where we are and watch our challenge grow or seek out the perfect answer to our situation allowing a Hair Loss Expert to evaluate our best course of action.

I wanted to let you know you are not alone one in four women are facing your challenge, and men one out of every two men. This has been set as my cause to help people who are facing this issue, my promise is to give you back what has been taken from each of you, and my invitation is openness to chart a new journey to celebrate in renewing you. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get answers to the curiosity you have right now in your challenge. I stand waiting to serve you. We would love to see you in our center Jackie Yates Hair Restoration Source and welcome anyone needing answers.

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