Shampoo You

Written by Jackie Yates

Okay here I go again, I am writing a book called “Shampoo You”. The vision of the book will share our stories, how we became a part of this industry, heartfelt stories that happen in our salons, and humorous stories that have happened throughout our careers. I have contacted many of my colleagues and these stories will be a walk through our journey in the Beauty Industry and the lives we touch each and every day, one guest at a time.


Why Am I Writing This:

To raise money for cancer research. Raising tremendous support for cancer research through the book sales is a way I want to give back.

It does not matter if we have been in this industry five minutes or fifty years, we all have a story to share, and we all have been touched by this debilitating disease. Not just the victims but the unseen victims – the families who have suffered loss at the mention of the “C Word.”

I Need Your Help:

Please help me to finish this worthy cause and give the world our stories that will bring out the clown in us, touch our hearts, and give an historic account of why we chose our life's path, being a professional in our wonderful industry.

Coming Soon To A Bookstore Near You....