My Story

The Beginning:

Born in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina in 1961, I was your typical boy lacking confidence, skinny and lanky but always with a curiosity to discover hidden treasure in myself.  As a boy, I was a little bit rambunctious and always was the one pushing the envelope.  I longed to be an archaeologist finding secrets of history yet to be discovered.  I owe my Mom a debt of gratitude for embracing my talents of creation and seeing my creative instinct and soul before I knew I possessed the God-given gifts.

The one constant question or thought I had was "Hmm, What if"?

High School Jock – Nope, Artist Avenue all the way. Voted merit most artistic and creative in high school and still hoping to find the answer to the “What if,” I attended Appalachian State University in 1979 and ventured towards a degree in Art, Art Theory, Interior Design, Cinematography, photography basically anything to create reality from my inner imagination.

In a moment life’s direction took a turn for the unknown again.  My grandmother’s cancer became a storm where my support and attention was needed for my family.  I pressed pause and went home to help my Mom. After my grandmother’s passing I had to make a choice, of college and making good money for my age at the time. My Mom kept pressing for something better than what I was doing and through a shared dream by both my Mom and myself one night gave a new answer to “What if.”  I had dreamed I cut my Mom’s hair off and a phone conversation revealed Mom saying the exact same thing.  So enters Southeastern College of Beauty Culture in Charlotte.


The Salon & The Call:

November 1989, Jackie Yates Salon was established.

In the beginning Jackie Yates Salon ran under a more world view of business and what business interaction meant and how the business worked to be successful. In 1998 I pledged my life to Christ and a business became a ministry changing the world around me one life at a time. I still made people beautiful only now I started from the inside out. Our mission statement became, “We Edify Your Inner Glow by Enhancing Your Outer Beauty.” A community’s lighthouse/safehouse to add value to all the lives we touch.

Through out the 12 years we were in Duluth, God was speaking to me to simplify and minister for Him. We grew the salon only to then reduced it's physical size to manage just that, then in 2001 He spoke again.

The Move:

June 2001, Jackie Yates Salon relocated to the Hamilton Mill area in Dacula, GA. The Salon has received merits for “Best in Gwinnett,” “Goldwell’s Color Alliance Salon of North America” and has received the “Merit of Gold for Salon Color Excellence.”

The vision of relocation was prompted by a dream to create a ministry outreach within a business industry which seemingly has not ventured into putting the Faith back into business, which our country’s forefathers meant it to be. The salon has only just begun to scratch the surface of the goals we wish to accomplish.

Settling In:

What a time and what discovery, while in Dacula we had the opportunity to touch some hearts and souls. The business grew along with the ministry, I started painting again, began doing some acting. Our community outreach programs and my Art Shows highlighting local artists as well as my art really took off.

I saw people getting saved, experiencing joy for the first time in a long time in their lives. We participated in Locks For Love and saw so many young girls to adult women benefit from others giving of themselves.

The painting was really rewarding, I have artwork around the globe: Hope for Ismael School displays of my artwork pieces in the lobby in Bethlehem.

With all this going on, I kept hearing this small voice telling me I hadn't reach the high place yet. What place is that you say? The place where God pours out blessings to others through me in a powerful way, "pressed down, shaken together and overflowing". Again the message, watch, look closely and you'll see me.

The Next Step:

And now; with a blink of an eye and an individual searching to invest in a business, the question is wooing me to a further chapter of my life “What if?” “What if I sell the salon?” Almost three weeks of sleepless nights and a tapestry of prayer I decided to move forward. Jackie Yates Salon is no longer my business. I still create beautiful hair, enjoying the guests that have become a part of my life and forever will live in my soul, but can focus on what’s next?

“My vision for the future, searching for the hidden treasure from my childhood, now found in my sunset years of my life. My artwork, my painting and my writing always on the sidelines have now become my creative release on my world. And what of the future it is yet to be written on the next page, painted on the next canvas adding value to life as I know it – One creation at a time.

My Accomplishments:

Husband of my wife Tena A. Yates, Father of Rachel E. Yates and Chase T. Hanahan.
Cabarrus County Art Show winner 1971, 1974, 1976; Mount Pleasant High School Most Artistic and Creative Superlative; Appalachian State University Minor degree Art Theory; Graduate Southeastern College of Beauty Culture 1982; Graduate Vidal Sassoon London in 1984 – 1985; Creator and Owner Jackie Yates Salon 1989 – 2015; North American Hair Awards Semi-Finalist: 1998; Salon Excellence Award 1992, 1993, 1994; Global Salon Award: ,; National Educator Reference of Sweden Haircare: 2012 – 2016; Published Author “Bread for Life” article Gwinnett Life Magazine; Published Author children’s book: “Millie & Me, Millie Gets a Home.”; Second Project illustration for a 365 day Family Devotional entitled "Knock, Knock, - Who's There? GOD" for ages 5-120; Future Project underway “Shampoo You, A Legendary Book of Stories that are Curing Cancer.”; Artwork traveling the globe: Hope for Ismael School displays on of my artwork pieces in the lobby in Bethlehem; Gallery Sales for my paintings growing and the question always welcomes me in the morning – “What if.”