“I had a consultation with a client this week that mentioned my wall display of a cross-section of our scalp. His inquiry sent me off in a rather lengthy description and definition of all the layers of our scalp, glands, and blood vessels that nourish our hair. I told him that if you have any questions about how your hair has been looking, whether thinning or not, the “Scalpcheck” would answer his questions and also give solutions. He is booked for his next appointment, not only to receive his normal hairstyle he receives each month but also a “Scalpcheck” to give answers to his concerns”

Don’t we all have a few questions as why something happens to our bodies? This past two weeks I have suffered from a back injury keeping me hindered from my usual schedule of work, play and rest. As we get older these machines that encompass our souls begin to break down and change at an unexpected rate. One day we are going along just fine feeling young as we did in high school and the next day… bring the crane in to lift me off this bed.

In my pursuit of sharing the latest in hair restoration to women, men, and children I face a multitude and variety of changes people are facing each New Year they look in the mirror. Thinning hair can be devastating to our femininity or masculinity. For children the harassment of other children can be overwhelming from their challenge of thinning hair. So many opportunities to help with thinning hair and hair loss caused by a multitude of reasons: Physiological, Physcological, or Medical rank as the highest causes of our problems with thinning hair.

Physiological effects can be devastating and can be due to cancer treatments, genetics, an underactive thyroid, or medications. The immune system revs up for unknown reasons and affects the hair follicles. And the severe damage to the hair or scalp sometime causes permanent bald patches or complete balding. A physical or emotional shock can cause hair to loosen. Handfuls of hair may come out when combing or washing your hair or even after gentle tugging. The outcome is devastating to self-esteem and confidence. Mentioning cancer, as if the journey itself is not enough, we face hair loss as a physiological side-affect from the treatment used to cure our illness. A complete loss of normalcy in our lives causes this root effect from cancer. “I have personal connection with the battle of cancer. My wife Tena fought the battle in 2010 of breast cancer and won standing a survivor today. However the day when I had to shave her head with the eminent loss of her hair that was happening was a day I’ll never forget. How it made her feel and how she struggled with the look of the person who stared her back in the mirror. We both help organizations (Alliance Cancer Gene Therapy) now that focus on research to end this horrible disease hoping and praying for a cure.

Psychological affects come through horrible disorders that can cause people to actually pull their hair out or twist it into breakage and loss of hair permanently. Trichotillomania is an unspoken disorder that affects over a million Americans each year. Mostly teenage girls and most go unannounced due to the emotional and mental anxiety the disorder has on its victim. By hormonal changes, and pressures of being acceptance from their peers, many young girls hide the secret of pulling out their hair to release the anxiety built up in their conscious. I have talked with many girls who share that it gives them relief from the stress inside them. Torment from another child can cause a child to suffer avenues of stress and psychological disorders. It is time to bring this hidden disorder into the light and share ways to overcome its demeaning effect on the people fighting it. Hair systems can be integrated into someone’s hair helping conceal the loss of hair caused by Trichotillomania and resolve the issue of pulling out the hair. A person who pulls diagnosed with Trichotillomania always pulls from the same area psychological professionals state the favored region of the head gives the most release from built up anxiety. You are not alone! If you are suffering from this horrible disorder seek professional council for your stress and anxiety. Also allow a professional hair loss center to share advice in hair integration to help eliminate the disorder. I have had the privilege of helping many children and teenagers see their life return to normalcy without the problem of anxiety.

Medical leaves a variety of reasons why we begin noticing hair loss and thinning hair. Remember, our bodies are machines. Everything we put into our bodies comes out of our bodies in two ways. It can be a good and healthy result of what we ingest or it can leave a devastating result with side-affects and reactions to what we ingest. The same coincides with what we put into our minds resulting in a good or disastrous outcome. Medications are alleviated from the appendages of our bodies. The skin, nails and hair all receive the waste by product of medications we ingest to cure us or well we’ll say affect us. Why do officials will cut hair to test for illegal drug usage? Everything we put into our bodies will come out of our bodies in some fashion or another. Medications can cause a barrier and prevent nutrients from reaching our Hypodermis where the hair strand is nourished giving it the circulation needed to grow healthy and strong hair. Remember our bodies has many parts but work for the same body. Each has its own function and purpose but work for the same body. When one part breaks down another has to work harder to facilitate that broken part. And when a prescription begins to affect the body in one way the body can react to that foreign material in adverse ways. Such is with hair loss and thinning hair. We cannot stop taking medications that assist us in our health concerns however we can remove the residues and barriers from medications that begin the process of hair loss concern. A professional Trichologist and “Scalpcheck” should be your first choice in finding your personal solution before the problem is irreversible.

My vision and goal is to offer all possible solutions for any person challenged by the issues of hair loss and thing hair. No matter what the cause there is a perfect and individual solution for you. My invitation: Let’s get to the root of the problem and concern. Come see me at Jackie Yates Hair Restoration Source and lets get to the root of your challenge. There is a time to split hairs to find your cure from hair loss.

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