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Damaged Hair

Changes in the hair shaft lead to deterioration with the appearance of ruined or damaged hair. In healthy hair, the cuticle is whole, with overlapping shingles. Hair with whole ends appears shiny, elastic, and brushes easily. 1) Group of coarse, porous damaged hairIn...

Hair Types and Morphology

Some parameters and characteristics should be taken into consideration when assessing hair types and morphologies: shape, density and appearance. The appearance of hair, in the form of lanugo, occurs during the fourth month of pregnancy. Hair grows at a rate of around...

Genetic Origin and Structure of Thin Hair

Genetic factors influence and determine the size of the diameter in hair. Its volume varies from person to person. This is why some individuals are born with thin hair, while others are born with thick hair. In hair, the diameter is a very important element. In...

Trichologists on a Mission

Trichologists on a Mission

As I study continually the world of Trichology it fascinates me there are so many causes for our hair loss or thinning hair. The largest appendage of the body is our skin and scalp. There are over 2000 types of disorders of the scalp and hair. That...

There are Times When We Must Split Hairs

There are Times When We Must Split Hairs

“I had a consultation with a client this week that mentioned my wall display of a cross-section of our scalp. His inquiry sent me off in a rather lengthy description and definition of all the layers of our scalp, glands, and blood vessels that nourish our...

Prevention Goes Beyond JUST the Skin and Body

Prevention Goes Beyond JUST the Skin and Body

Often overlooked is the health of our hair and scalp, until something is wrong and symptoms like flaking, itch, excessive hair shedding or hair loss show up. Eating healthy, exercising and decreasing stress are all steps many of us take to live a longer,...


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