As I study continually the world of Trichology it fascinates me there are so many causes for our hair loss or thinning hair. The largest appendage of the body is our skin and scalp. There are over 2000 types of disorders of the scalp and hair. That statistic will overwhelm anyone. But it gives hope I can diagnose any situation or challenge a person is experiencing. People spend exhausting efforts at throwing darts at a healing blackboard hoping to hit the bullseye. Only to find they are still challenged with their thinning hair. Isn’t it time to stop wasting monies on obscure medical claims and go to a source of healing.

Your body is a miraculous, living organism. It ferries you throughout your day, all the while repairing itself and meeting the demands that are placed on it over the course of a lifetime. The body has relatively well known nutritional needs – enough protein, fiber, vitamins, water, carbohydrates, and the like. If you are deficient in a nutritional area, it is likely that your body will show the result of that deficiency. For example, individuals suffering from eating disorders are known to display symptoms such as hair loss as a result of poor nutritional uptake. Any condition, illness or personal behavior that results in a lessening of the body’s ability to receive, absorb, or use necessary nutrients will likely result in physical symptoms of a deficiency. Correction of that deficiency will generally reverse the tide.

If you are deficient in a nutritional component necessary for the healthy production of hair, the quality and quantity of your hair will likely show it. Adding that component to your diet should, under normal circumstances restore the appearance and amount of your hair. It is important to remember that all supplements, whether multi-vitamins, supplements, or herbal preparations are medicines – they interact with your body chemistry in ways you may or may not know about. When visiting your doctor always be sure to mention any supplements you are taking, not just prescription drugs.

The most powerful FDA approved supplement I have found is the Havogen 5 Patch by CR Labs. Thanks to the powerful antioxidants combined with Vitamin E, the Havogen 5 Anti-hair loss patch has a strong anti-radical ability that counteracts oxidative damage. The extract of fruits of Serenoa Repens induces the inhibition of 5-alpha reductase, the main cause for hair loss and miniaturization of each strand of hair. Subsequently beginning to see the scalp and head shape through the hair. The inhibited enzyme is responsible for the conversion of Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone which in turn determines a reduced synthesis of the structural proteins in the hair bulbs.

The 5a Avocuta (extracted from the Avocado acts by normalizing the secretion of sebum. L-cysteine plays an essential role in the keratinization process, providing a smoothing and moisturizing function (the horny layer is essential for water retention).

Vitamins B promote follicle metabolism. In particular, Vitamin B5 the main vitamin for hair growth, since it is directly involved in the regeneration of the hair follicle (the bulb from which the hair is born). When a deficiency of this vitamin occurs, the hair tends to become weak, fragile, and has a loss of shine and vitality. The silk proteins restore and improve the structure of the hair shaft giving body and shine.

The Havogen 5 Patch gives the 12 amino acid minerals needed for complete hair growth and scalp health.

It has been researched and proven that there are no side effects from the wearing of the patch. Not in women who are undergoing the menopause change of life as well as men who are experiencing changes in their metabolism as well. It is proven to be safe even in children who are experiencing hair deficiencies. It is worn in 12 hour intervals each day and is alternated from one side of the neck or back daily. Thanks to the slow controlled release of active ingredients the skin absorption continues gradually and progressively over the 12 hours following application. Medical research from CR Labs state that the patch should be worn in a 3 month regimen with a month of no usage in between regimen protocol. The medical community states the fact the body begins to see any health results after 20 days of usage.

So I wanted to share this amazing breakthrough for all people suffering and experiencing any scalp and hair challenges. There is a bionic super food that can help you, Havogen 5 Patch.

In closing, I would highly recommend seeking a professional to give you a “Scalpcheck” determining what the right formula is for your path to healing and restoring your hair and scalp. These professionally certified individuals will start your journey to restoring you to your normal self that hair loss has taken from you. They can also direct you if further medical assistance is necessary for your personal plan to success. We would love to see you in our center Jackie Yates Hair Restoration Source and welcome anyone needing answers.

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